Thursday, July 3, 2008

Going Postal

What makes someone 'Go Postal'? Because I think I am about to...

I really don't like to use my blog to rant but this is really bugging me. I made settlement on my home 1 month ago. Great! But I may go bankrupt before then because I have not received my mail in 1 month. Since we live in a development we have what you call a cluster box. It is one huge mailbox divided up into individual mail boxes. However, they are still not installed in the development (they stopped at house # 74 and I am #79 go figure). Anyway, I forwarded my mail from Ro-Fo to P-Town and put a hold on my mail so that I can pick it up at the post office. But every time we go to pick it up our mail is not there! Where is my mail and how am I supposed to pay my bills? I have had to call and make my bill payments over the phone and pay a 'convenience charge' for paying over the phone and not sending a check via mail...$8 for my car payment, $3 for my electric etc, etc. Who exactly am I inconveniencing btw? Regardless, its a different story every time I call the post office to inquire...the mailboxes arent in yet, someone quit, we need a workorder placed, they are going to be installed next week. I am so this mail fraud? Ahhh, I'm going to cry...or Go Postal!

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