Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jesus loves me and my tattoos

I have gotten many different responses to my latest tattoo. Everything from...eghem...and I quote "Did you get that for Halloween?" to "I love it, it is so detailed!" My friends have said that they think its too 'manly' for me and "Oh, a skeleton?" or "Why did you do that?"

I just want to say that I did not get this image inked in my skin so that once a year on Halloween I can be scary, okay?!? In fact this image has a very personal meaning to me. I was inspired from the time I saw this art and I knew instantly what it meant to me and why.

The point here is that everyone is entitled to their opinion of my tattoo and people who get tattoos. You can tell me I'm going to burn in hell for it and you can insult me. But it doesnt matter to me. I know I am not going to hell for it. I love my tattoos, I choose them for a reason.

I just want to give props to Justin B. my tattoo artist. Check out Integreity Tattoo and Wizards World

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