Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Falling in love with Fall

I was reading Melissa's post today about fall and I just had to do one of my own...who doesn't love fall? Here are my top 10 things I love about Fall...

  • Dipping spiced wafers in a cold glass of iced tea
  • The aroma of spiced pumpkin, cloves and nutmeg
  • Cute little pumpkins and gourds and of course pumpkin carving
  • Clear sky's and a crisp cool breeze
  • Hay rides and haunted houses
  • Little kids dressed up in adorable Halloween costumes
  • Warm sweaters on brisk days
  • The colors of fall - orange, red, green, brown
  • Warm apple cider
  • Pumpkin roll, pie, lattes, fraps, muffins...everything pumpkin!

Okay, a few more!!!...

  • Going to bed with the windows open and then waking up to cool fresh morning air
  • Getting all hyped up for the up coming holidays!...starting Christmas shopping!
  • Going for nature walks and seeing the trees that have changed colors and hearing the leafs crunch under your feet
So there are a lot more than 10 things that come to mind! What do you love about fall?
Now go check out Melissa's Fall Favorites!

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Francois said...

We should be well into Spring by now but we have been having middle of winter weather here. It even snowed on Table Mountain on Friday. The mountains around us are also covered in snow. A new cold front arrived today and is here till the weekend. It has been raining for almost 4 weeks now, with only a day off every few days.

Oh well, in any case! I also love Fall, especially after a hot summer, it`s awesome to have the cool weather move in.

God bless!