Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Game Recap

There is nothing I hate more than a morning after an Eagles loss. The office is dead quiet, there is no water cooler talk, its just rather depressing.

I have to say though that is was a very good game. But as I suspected we would loose this game against the cowgirls. It seems that every single year for the past 10 years, we loose the first away game against Dallas and we win the second home game against Dallas. So I'm looking forward to the next match up.

Did the announcers for the game piss anyone else off with their Eagles smack talk?

I decided that I am going to take little DeShawn Jackson under my wing. In case you missed it, he made a huge mistake last night. He made a killer catch and was barreling towards the end zone...then... mistakenly...he threw the ball away thinking he was already in the end zone when in reality he still had another step to go. Luckily Westbrook came back to save the day. Then stupid announcers were getting all up his ass about it. Okay, he did make a stupid move...BUT...this is his only 2nd pro game ever. Just give him a break! I like DeShawn, I think he is going to become a great player and a Philly favorite. So DeShawn, I am taking you in and I will defend you just as I defended McNabb...now look at him. Yeah...now what?!

I bet you didn't think that when you came to this blog you would be reading football updates. Well, I have news for you...its football season and I am bleeding GREEN


Francois said...

Great post! I love your passion for the Eagles, it`s awesome!

I do follow the NFL but don`t get to see enough of it. The time difference makes it tough to catch the games. HOWEVER, I do follow as much as I can on ESPN.

We love American sport in this house, along with rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, soccer, ok just about every sport!

Hayley and I were watching Rudy the other night. It was a re-run of a re-run of a re-run but a really cool football movie. Hayley said that all american football movies are awesome and she is so right. We absolutely adored We are Marshall. Something About the game stirs the spirits.

Glad you like rugby, all you need to know is that WP rock and the Springboks even more so, oh and that we are world champions. (Just about the only sport we are currently any good at!).

Anyways, I will follow the progress of the Eagles keenly and I`m sure I`ll get regular updates right here, on your cool blog!

David Richardson said...

First time visitor to your blog! Enjoyed checking it out too.

Please don't get mad at me here, but I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. Let me say this...your Eagles played a really good game. You all had us very nervous! Either team could have won it. I think the rematch later this year will be another exciting one.

Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hello" and I do hope you have a good day today. :)