Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Compromise is a great tool in marriage. Tonight I really wanted to go to Target to get some things, but Jeff is pretty tired and wants to get some game time in. And besides all this, there is nothing ready to eat for dinner. So using our super power compromising abilities we decided to go out to eat and quickly swing by Target so that I could get what I want and still be home in time for Jeff to play some game and head to bed at a descent hour.

Boy, I wish all of our arguments ended in me getting to go to Target. Even if I don't get to spend an hour 'perusing' the best store on earth.


So I just got back from my trip to Target. Wouldnt you know they didnt have anything I needed. I ended up walking out with a box of band-aides.


at least I got my grande extra hot pumpkin spice latte with whip cream...it was all worth it.


Francois said...

That latte sounds awesome!!! Sorry, I know I`m missing the point here but it seriously sounds amazing.

Ps. Go Phillies! I`ll be supporting your team for the World Series.

Kevin Davis said...

This just proves that all women are the same. My wife would give almost anything to to got Target - at any given moment - just 'cause. Compromise is definitely life - thanks for sharing.