Thursday, October 23, 2008

Due to my lack of creativity today, I am doing the bullet point thang...

  • Phillies brought it home last night! That make for a great morning.
  • My dog woke me up at 3:30 am to go outside. That does not make for a great morning.
  • I wore these awesome slippers that look like shoes to work today...don't tell anyone
  • I'm looking forward to Saturday. It's my brothers 14th birthday party. I'm baking him a great cake and then taking him out for the day. Then its off to a friends Halloween party. Should be good times
  • Oh...the best news of all! I got my quarterly bonus today. Horray for Christmas shopping!

So since I have disappointed you all with my boring post, I'd like you to visit Kevin's blog today, he wont disappoint.



Kevin Davis said...

Thanks for the link love - I got ripped off on my mid-year bonus and the whole company has to wait until March for our annual - sucks.

Francois said...

Great start to the WS but I see the Phillies came unstuck last night. No worries, you have 3 home games now.

Ps. Very disappointed in the "slippers to work thing"... :)