Monday, October 27, 2008

one more game, one more game

Go ahead, chant it with more game, one more game!!!

What a weekend in Philadelphia! 1 win for the Phillies, 1 win for the Eagles, 1 more win for the Phillies, and I think Andy Reed said it best..."The Who are finally out of this world."

And who didn't love Donovan McNabb's sexy look?!?

These kids here are from our local middle school...

And here is Gov. Rendell getting into the spirit...
One sports fan said "He is looking more like Tickle me Elmo"


Francois said...

10-2, what a drubbing! I`m so chuffed for you guys. You have my full support and here`s hoping you guys do it tonight at home, that would be totally awesome.

Oh YEAH!!!! I saw an interview with Gary Anderson, the Eagles kicker, on ESPN this morning. He is South African, I never even knew.

Francois said...

Is it ever gonna stop raining?