Wednesday, November 19, 2008

50 Years

This weekend we celebrated the 50th Wedding Anniversary for my husbands grandparents, Nan & Pop. Fifty years!!!

We had told Nan & Pop to get ready for a special lunch with the immediate family but instead we surprised them with a town car that picked them up to take them to a "secret destination". Lets just say we had to call Pop and convince him that he was not being kidnapped and to get in the car! ha-ha!

Anyway, once they got to the Inn they were surprised with a reunion family and friends. And boy were they surprised! There were family there that they had not seen in years and I have only ever heard of through stories...let me tell ya, the tears were flowing! Paul, their son whom they have not seen in years flew all the way from Florida to be there. And he put together a very special presentation of old videos and photographs from the 1950's when Nan & Pop met.

It was really wonderful to meet such special people. In fact Jeff, my husband had not seen these most of these people since he was a child himself. Like I said, it was truly special.

I'd like to share some pictures and video of the day. I have to apologize for the quality...first time videographer! You should probably turn you speakers up too.

Here is a collage of pictures taken from that day.

This video tells the story of how Angelo and Gilda meet in the 1950's.


Hayley said...

Awesome, I love moments like that.

50 years...thats incredible!

Francois said...

That is so awesome! 50 years? Wonderful stuff!

David Richardson said...

Fantastic. Looks like it was a great experience for you all.

50 years is a big deal!!

Kevin Davis said...

That's awesome - grandparents rock. I remember this really old couple at my church growing up and they celebrated their 60th anniversary - that is old. That is being married more than twice as long as I've been alive.

Heather Nicole said...

Hayley/Francois - 50 years is amazing, and an inspiration!

David - It was a great experience, thank you!

Kevin - 60 years? That is just amazing. I hope that our grandparents get to see that day.