Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lovely December

Its December 1st and the countdown to Christmas is on! It is surprisingly warm here in PA. No sight of snow around :( But we have made it look like Christmas in our home anyway. Take a look at our first ever Christmas tree!

Its hard to get a good picture with all the lights.

We picked it up at Home Depot and they have the trees organized by height. This one was grouped in with the 8-10 footers. Once we got it home we realized this was a 10 footer and our ceilings are 9 feet. Oops! Ha-ha, but it only took a second to chop off the top. I have about 800 lights on it, gold beads, gold snowflakes, gold swirly things and 4 different type of gold balls. It is a golden masterpiece!

Even hubby was joining in the Christmas spirit! He hung these wonderful lights outside.

And on Sunday morning he was still in the spirit! I came downstairs and the tree was lit up, the house was warm, Christmas music was playing and he had this wonderful breakfast waiting for me.

He even put a little red pepper and green chives in my omelet for added Christmas color. Ha-ha...I just had to take a picture because this will never happen again. Hubby is more of a scrooge than anything else. But I am not complaining :) It was very nice.


Kevin Davis said...

I think I found your snow, all 6 inches of it was on my driveway this morning and broke my back trying to leave for work.

Heather Nicole said...

Hey Kevin, 6 inches! Send it my way! Glad you got to work safe though.

Anonymous said...

Next time, consider cutting the excess off from the BOTTOM of the tree, leaving the top unspoiled. Old people DO know a thing or two, just ask them sometime!

Heather Nicole said...

Excuse me anonymous but the BOTTOM was cut already to allow for water hence why we had to cut the top. Do not insult me I am not stupid.