Monday, November 10, 2008


I have been tagged by the one and only fabulous Hayley!

Here are 6 weird/interesting things about yours truly;
  1. I can't ride a bike. There I said it.
  2. This started when I was a teenager and just learning how to cook; whenever I am alone in the kitchen baking or cooking, I pretend that I have my very own TV show. Ya know, like Nigella...with my little accent. "Add a bit of this and a pinch of that...."
  3. I love to organize. Its a sickness. Even at other peoples houses.
  4. I really really love .... History. Yep, those boring 2,000 page bibliography's, 3 hour documentaries and endless museum tours....oh yeah.
  5. I get along wonderfully with my mother-in-law.
  6. I don't want any children. Just pets. Lots and lots of pets. that I got that off my chest, I am tagging...Karen and Melissa.

PS - Francois...I was going to include you but I don't think you could come up with six more things after your The Running Golfer 101 post. So please don't be offended! : )


Hayley said...

Hey Heather!
LOL, Francois sulked the whoel evening because I never tagged him...but I did not for the same reason you did.

Oh, and dont tell anyone, I do EXACTLY the same thing when I am cooking, just in my head....NO ONE knows that.

Kevin Davis said...

Can't ride a bike - that is crazy. How did you spend your time in the summers as a kid?

Anonymous said...

you can come organize my house anytime the you get the urge. ps loved reading your blog, i'm a little slow about this whole blogging thing.

Francois said...

Woe is me...

Heather Nicole said...

Haley - I'm glad that I am not the only one! We should get together for a 'special guest apperance' on each others shows...haha...crazy

Kevin - I was a rollerblader. Pretty darn good too. My brothers and I would set up jumps and ramps...the whole nine. Good times.

Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous - Thanks for the visit and the comment! Its never too late to start blogging!

Francois - your the

Francois said...

Heather, I just cannot believe how similar you and Hayley are. Scary actually.