Friday, November 14, 2008

Top 20

I just read this article on MSN and I wanted to share it with my blogging family...yes you...

Top 20 Unhealthiest Drinks in America

I could not believe how many drinks were on there that I drink! This is not good for me. Especially because I am loose weight. It looks like I have few changes to make in the drink department. Now I know that Starbucks is not healthy so I have made a huge effort to cut back. I am doing well on just one latte from Starbucks a week. I also switched from English Toffee Cappuccino at WaWa to just black coffee. But I guess, I cant stop there...the hardest is going to be Lipton Iced Brisk Lemon Iced Tea. I live on that stuff!

What guilty pleasure drinks do you have?


Linda said...

I love your blogs, I really like the other one, except it makes me hungry. I am having fun starting this blogging thing. It is so addictive, but a great way to stay in touch and learn about those you love. Aunt Linda

Heather Nicole said...

Aunt Linda!!! Thank you :)

David Richardson said...

This year, I gave up all carbonated drinks. I used to drink Coke and Mountain Dew. After going through "detox" and enduring a couple weeks worth of headaches (thank God for Advil), I am now free! Now, I'm a water drinker, and I love it.

You're really smart to call people's attention to this. Good post, Heather!