Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...{I'm a very traditional person}...

If you read my last post you could probably tell that I am feeling a little stressed out. This is kinda unusual for me this time of year because I just love the holidays and I always try and enjoy them no matter what. But this year things are a bit different;

* We wont be spending Christmas with my Dad's side of the family because they are traveling.

* It's the first Christmas without my father-in-law Tom who passed away last year. I will miss seeing him in his goofy slippers

* And Christmas is always a little sad with out my grandmother. She always made Christmas so special for us.

* Even my mother's side of the family will be split up.

* And I have no church to go to. There are some major conflicts in my church right now because the pastors son was molesting a 15 year old girl in the youth group. And this girl...was very good friends with my younger brothers. I can't begin to tell you how this has affected the kids and my family. The worst part is...the church is supporting the creep and not the victim. I can't even deal with this because it brings back memories of something similar that I have had to deal with as a young girl.

With all this being said...{I'm a very traditional person}...I like things simple. I am trying to accept all this but its tough.

So I thought that it might be best to flip things around and be a little positive. I'm hoping it makes me feel a better. Here is my Top 5 things I am looking forward to this Christmas...
  1. This is my first Christmas in my first home, that's a pretty special thing to me. There is nothing better than spending this Christmas with my hubs, pup and cats
  2. Getting together with neighbors for some Christmas drinks and fun games
  3. The Italian feast that awaits us on Christmas Eve at Nan & Pop's house
  4. Going to Mom's Christmas morning for breakfast and presents...ahhh, the wood burning stove will be roaring and the Christmas carols will be lovely
  5. The advent service at my grandmothers on Christmas Eve, I have something special to say this year {to be posted later}


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

ok not sure if my first comment went through so I'm doing it again.

That's upsetting news about your church. It's disgusting that they supported the son.


You've got me extremely curious now... what's your news? Give me a hint??

Heather Nicole said...

Hey Melissa - I am NOT PREGGO! lol I know thats what you were thinking. :) Nah, I just actually planned something for the advent service this year. Sorry, not that exciting.

Yeah, it was Dave Lewis (jr) Its so creepy, he is my age, I graduated with him and everything. If I would have know in highschool I would have stuffed the creep in a locker.

Melissa said...

That was what I was thinking. LOL! Sorry I posted twice.

I never liked them. Now I REALLY don't!!!

Adam said...

Hey HEather -- can you email me I have some Chirstmas question .....

David Richardson said...

Heather -

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. :)

It has been a pleasure to meet you in the blogging world this year. You've got great things to say. I look forward to more fun blogging in 2009.


Francois said...

Hey Heather! Just popped in to wish you and your husband a blessed Christmas. Thanks for your friendship during the last few months, it is highly appreciated.

God bless!