Friday, January 16, 2009

A little bit of nothing

*Actual conversation this morning:

Hubs: Hun, its time to get up.
Me: No, can't be. *roll over*
Hubs: Yes it is, it's 6
Me: No, no...there is no way it's 6...I just went to bed!

This can't be happening to me!!!! Have you ever had one of these mornings?

At least it is Friday. A very very cold Friday at that, it was -1 degrees this morning. Not as bad as North Dakota which is reporting -50 degrees. Do people go to work when its that cold? I wonder a car would even start in that frigid temp. I feel bad for hubs today, he is working outside today. Even with carharts on, its gotta be cold.

*Tomorrow is the Machine Head and Metallica concert! I cannot wait for this, it is going to be phenomenal!

*Why is that every time I step on the scale I feel like I have gained 1 more pound. How is this creeping up on me when I am working out and eating better?

*If you haven't already, go check out my second blog here

*Sunday we are going to a football party to watch our Philadelphia Eagles put a whopping on the Cardinals. How cool would it be if the Superbowl match up was the Eagles and Steelers? Two Pennsylvania teams!!! It would make for one great sports year in Philadelphia along with the Phillie's winning the World Series. Is that asking for too much? maybe...

*And here is a cute video to wrap things up...have a wonderful weekend all...


The Running Golfer said...

You`re little bit of nothing is quite comprehensive... :D

Have a great weekend and enjoy the concert, sounds awesome!

Ps. -50? Is it possible for humans to survive at that temperature? I`m sure blood will freeze or something...

Heather Nicole said...

Hey Office was on last night...sooo hillarious! I wish you guys were on the same season so we could dish about it!

Do you watch LOST? New season starts next week for us.

David Richardson said...

Sounds like a BIG WEEKEND, for you Heather.

I hate that I missed The Office last night. One of my favorite shows. I hope to find it online and watch it this weekend.

Well, stay warm, and good luck in your game with the Cardinals. Should be a fun one to watch.



Melissa said...

hey, love your blog. And yea.. I have had one of those mornings. Today actually. I got up early and drove to work at around 8 when the temp. was frickin 9 degrees. When I got there the client said they didn't need me and that I could go home! I wish I knew that at 7 this morning!
Anyway I'm excited for the Eagles to beat the Cardinals probly for the fact that I can rub how awesome philly teams are in Kev's face! LOL!!
Love this post. Love this blog. And love you!! Later,