Sunday, February 8, 2009

He's not a baby anymore

Today, February 8th 2009, my baby brother M turns ... 18

I feel so old!
How can he be that grown up already?

I can remember the day Mom and Dad brought him home from the hospital, I was six years old. I remember holding him and gently touching his little head. He was so cute!

Now he is 18 and graduating high school in a few short months. {insert crying here}

It seems like yesterday that I was playing pranks on him, beating him up and banning him from my room. We had that typical love/hate - brother/sister relationship :)

Now he is over six feet tall and can take me down twice as hard. {But I have my Dad who can still take him down for me!}

I can't help but get sentimental and think of all our memories growing up. Like the summer that I taught him how to Rollerblade or all the winters playing outside throwing snowballs and building snow dens.

I can't help but brag about him to all my friends and co-workers. M is such a good kid. He loves God with all his heart, he is a good student practicing to be an Electrician and the best drummer I know. He has a great work ethic and a good head on his shoulders.

I am so proud of him it makes me cry.

So Happy Birthday M.

I wish you the best year yet. Make it a good one before you grow old like me ; ) Spend time with your friends, don't overwork yourself and do what makes you happy. I love you so much!


Carol said...

Makes me want to cry......I feel sooooooo old. I also remember you turning 18!!!!!!

Love MOM

The Running Golfer said...

Really cool post Heather, it`s obvious how fond you guys are of each other.

David Richardson said...

It's good to see a brother and sister get along so well.

I'm sure your brother is a fine young man.

Good post, Heather. :)

p.s. Was your brother the guy playing the drums on the Christmas video you posted a few weeks ago?

Kevin Davis said...

Definitely means you're getting old - I'm almost to 10 years out of high school and I'm not sure how to feel about it. Life is definitely going too fast.

Heather Nicole said...

@ Mom - Next up is C...I dont even want to think about it!

@ Francois - Thanks!

@ David - yup thats him playing rock band

@ Kevin - I'm coming up on 6 years out of high school :(