Monday, February 16, 2009

Intent or Coincidence?

I'm off work today. My dept. closed down (cost saving day) and we were forced to take a vacation day. I only have a few vacation days left so I'm sitting at home - unpaid. I thought this would be a great day to get my car inspection done and hit the gym however when I went outside this morning I saw that I have a flat tire. Lovely. I'm a little suspicious about it because my neighbor had a flat tire yesterday. Kids maybe? Or just a coincidence...

For now I'm stuck at home; no gym, no shopping, no car inspection. So I'm sitting here - still in my pj's - with a hot cup of coffee - scrapbooking. And puppy is chewing a stuffed animal. (He has a thing for stuffed ducks lol)

I'm contemplating changing my tire...would you believe I don't know how to put air in a tire but I know how to change a tire. (and the oil!) But I think hubs would freak out if I did it!!! Hmmm...I think I'll stick to scrapbooking :)


David Richardson said...

Sounds like a not-so-hot day. Well, at least you're getting to chill out and get some rest.

Take care, my friend. :)

The Running Golfer said...

Enjoy your day off, make the most of it!