Friday, February 20, 2009


Well its finally Friday and I'm home for the night. Hubs is going to make me dinner while I try and de-stress a bit. My Grandmother is doing better, her heart is in stable condition and she is off the ventilator. Its amazing...even amongst her broken bones, spinal fractures and multiple heart attacks she still found the strength to yell at me for leaving work early to see her. LOL...that's Grammy! And I was forbidden from driving into the city to see her first thing tomorrow morning I am heading to the hospital to pay her a visit. Like it or not :) And as long as she stays stable through the weekend hubs, my Dad and I will be heading to Atlantic City for a concert, gambling and lots of rum and cokes! It should be a good time. And then we should be home in time for my grandmothers surgery on Monday. So that's my update, a lot going on this weekend! But for tonight its dinner with hubs and cuddle time with my puppy...maybe a game of monopoly ;)


Hayley said...

So glad she is stable Heather, always good news!
Enjoy the weekend.

The Running Golfer said...

So glad it`s going better. Have a great weekend Heather.

Adam said...

Heather -- thanks so much for the meals. We ate one of them last night -- a nice break from hospital food.

We love you.