Friday, March 6, 2009

From my Inbox

You all know how much I love music...all music. Well hubs is not the same way, he cannot stand some genres at all, especially - Reggae. Well I discovered an awesome reggae/punk/heavy metal band called Skindred. He loathes Skindred...but sometimes I catch him singing or humming one of their tunes and then this morning I got this email -

congratulations!!! thank you hunny...I'm officially a Skindred FAN! I listened to trouble 10 times in a row this morning and figured out how to play most of the song on guitar! now i can't wait to get home a break out the axe and try it out!

My reply - OMG…you are too much. And that’s why I love you.

Here is Trouble by Skindred -


David Richardson said...

When it comes to reggae, I enjoy none other than the legendary Bob Marley. That guy was a genius!

Heather Nicole said...

Hey David! I love Bob too :) Especially the Redemption Song!