Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good morning,

I hope you are having a good week so's almost the weekend! I just wanted to give some updates to you all today -

My Grandmother - She is in a wonderful rehab hospital where she is working hard to walk and do simple everyday things again. She has a few more weeks there and then should be discharged home. Some things to pray for are - that she regains feeling in the lower half of her body and that her spinal cord makes a full recovery.

Gavin - Gavin was discharged yesterday! Please keep an eye on his site for updates.

South Beach Diet - Day 9 = 7 lbs lost. This diet is quickly growing on me now that I have overcome the initial shock of it :) Come Monday I will begin Phase 2 of the diet - Hooray!

Zoe - We still miss him so much, its not the same without him at home. Thank you to everyone for you wonderful comments.

Kodi - Happy 1st Birthday! :) We are taking him to get a special doggy treat tonight!

Tomorrow - Is the first day of spring...that means FREE RITAS! I am heading out to get some sugar free Ritas!!! A little reward for me and hubs...much deserved if you ask me.


Being Brazen said...

So glad to hear everyone doing better. Hope your gran makes a full recovery soon

Well done for losing 7 pounds.

Hayley said...

Okay, really need to check on this diet....well done!

What are Rita's?