Friday, March 27, 2009

My Birthday

Wednesday was my Birthday and I would like to share with you how awesome my family is - I mean really they make me laugh, I couldnt ask for anything better!

Dad -
I get an email - "Happy Birthday, you make me feel old when I tell the people I work with I have a daughter the same age as them...enjoy your day"

Mom -
I get a phone call - she sings Happy Birthday to me every year :)

18 yr old Brother -
I get a voice mail - "Heather, Happy Birthday and tell your husband he's gay"

14 yr old Brother -
The phone rings -
"Hey" ... "Happy Birthday"
"Thanks! That was really sweet of you to call"
"Mom made me"

They are the best :)


Being Brazen said...

Happy Belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

....and the husband was making you go crazy about what he got you for your b-day...turns out he's the best husband ever and threw you a surprise party!!! i think you should keep this one!

Hayley said...

He-he, so funny! Family you gotta love them!

Hope you had an awesome day!

Cherished Memories said... gotta love em'!!! Sounds like something my son would say to his older sisters!