Monday, April 13, 2009

ER & Cold Ham (warning - graphic content)

warning - graphic content
Whats the Easter holiday without a trip to the ER?
A boring one!
So I decided to give the docs something to do...
I was coming downstairs to put the finishing touches on my green bean casserole when I missed the last step and landed right on a nail in a tack strip that goes between the carpeting and kitchen floors.
I - very calmly - had my panicking husband get me the phone, gauze and an ace bandage. I wrapped myself up tight, called the family to let them know I'm going to the ER and had my husband drive me there. That's when is started hurting...
It only took a few stitches and a tetanus shot and I was on my way. The worst part was missing my family's hot Easter dinner :( My green bean casserole was ruined too...
I jokingly told the doctors - "I don't know why this happened - I went to church this morning! AND...I sang too..." However, my doc didn't seem to find it very funny. There were about 3 other clumsy people there because of falls too...its like God just shook the rug and watched us all fall like dominoes! A great way to celebrate his Resurrection huh?! Luckily I have a sense of humor!
I'm also lucky to have a great husband. Despite the fact that I am the butt of his jokes - he came home from work to take care of me. He even got me this cool pink cane that I can hobble around on. He got me coffee, made me breakfast and lunch and is just being an awesome care taker. I love him!
Anybody have any "fall" stories of their own? Do tell - It will make me feel better!
Oh yea - one other thing - I think it looks like an umbrella - dont you? Thats gonna be one cool scar!


David Richardson said...

I am sorry you had such a crazy experience with this.

Sure hope you feel better.

Sounds like your husband is a cool dude!


Being Brazen said...

shame man *hugs*

Hope it heals quickly

Dana said...

AWWW...that stinks...and it seriously looks like it hurts!!!

on another note...I was just looking at your twitter updates...did jeff really delete 1600 songs...omg

Heather Nicole said...

it does hurt!

yeah, he really did. it was an accident but still tear worthy...

Cherished Memories said...

Ouch!!! Looks like that really hurt! Hope it heals quickly.