Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Standing in my own way

I'd like to share the lyrics to this song with you...

Project 86
"Me Against Me"

I will not forget the day when the sides were chosen

Me against me against...me

Clothing so drenched with sweat and the teeth they were clenched

Who can I trust when I...

Grabbed hold my enemy's neck and choked 'till he ceased

Blistered with disbelief I awake dead

And when I awoke I couldn't believe it was me

All the time it was me

So many times we smile in pride

Putting such faith in what we've accomplished

But minutes ago we were (minutes ago we were)

Slitting our wrists, running for sympathy

WOW! What a realization - all the time it was ME!

How many times do we stand in our own way of getting things accomplished? Struggling and fighting, whining and complaining…

I know that I’ve been stubborn to come to a compromise in my relationship. I’ve procrastinated at work, I’ve made excuses for my mistakes and pushed blame onto God. By doing all of those things I am standing in my own way of success and happiness.

One thing I’ve learned is that sometimes you need to take a step aside to allow yourselves to move forward…

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