Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to work

It's the same scenario every Sunday night; Hubs and I just get into bed and he says "Well, its back to work tomorrow". Ughhhh...WHYYYY do you have to remind me? lol....can you tell I hate mornings - especially ones that require getting up for work!

Well, despite the fact that its back to work, we had a great weekend! Saturday night we put together a last minute bonfire party at our place. We invited our neighborhood and friends to come out back and enjoy the warm fire and drinks. It was really a great time, we have such an awesome community and wonderful neighbors. I'm looking forward to a long summer with lots of get-togethers, good food and good times!

Sunday was equally as great. It's always nice to show Mom some appreciation. {I just wish my dog would shown me some appreciation! He peed on the bed last night - the little shit!} At any rate - this year we brought a nice meal to each of our mothers. We had a nice salad with fresh chicken, soup, fresh bread and warm brownies. For dinner it was baked Ziti with my homemade meat sauce, bread and dessert - yum! I know our moms appreciated those extra pounds :-)

So how was your weekend? What trouble did you get into?


David Richardson said...

Warm brownies and baked zitti sounds doggone good!

I marinated some steaks for 24 hours, and then put them on the grill Sunday afternoon for a delicious Mothers Day meal. In addition to steak, I fixed a good Caesar's salad. Normally, I don't cook; however, I thought I'd do it for my wife on her special day. She seemed to really like it.

Glad you all had fun up there over the weekend!

Heather Nicole said...

Ohhh, steak, yum! Sounds great

Have you ever heard of Stubs Marinade? Its delicious - worth a try sometime!

Have fun at the game today!

LiLu said...

A long breakfast brunch on a sunny patio = perfect Mama's Day. Glad yours was nice too! :-)