Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coming Up

I love summer, so many exciting things going on :)

  • Painting my first floor this week! Our first floor is one open area; the back wall will be our accent wall, painted Clary Sage and the two side walls will be painted some sort of cream color. You can check out my scene from Sherwin Williams here.

  • Camping. Never been and really excited to go for the first time!!! This includes hiking, campfires and some shopping at St. Pete's Village.

  • Dog & kid sitting. Well, not really....I get to have my little brother over for two weeks this summer! The first week is coming up towards the end of July. We are excited to be taking him to see an awesome concert and to just hang out. I'm sure a game of Texas Hold 'Em will take place at some point ;)

  • Purses!!! I'm co-hosting a purse party with my girlfriend. Can we say wine, junk food and Coach? yes...yes we can!

Vacation pictures coming soon!

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Being Brazen said...

a purse party sounds cool.

Enjoy camping