Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When The Music Stops

I got this fun little thingy of facebook....play along...

*Put Your iTunes, winamp, mp3 player or whatever on SHUFFLE
*For each question, press the next button to get your answer (no cheating)
*You must write down song/artist even if it doesn't make sense
*Include any comments in parentheses

1. What do your friends say about you? "Astronomy" by Metallica

2. How would your coworkers describe you? "Addicted" by Saving Able

(I wonder what they would say I'm addicted to? ... coffee for sure)

3. How would you describe yourself? "2nd Childhood" by NAS
(A grown kid? ... maybe...)

4. What do you like in a romantic partner? "Things Done Changed" by The Notorious B.I.G.

5. How do you feel today? "Overburdened" by Disturbed
(Not really today --- going home in two hours! But any other day I would agree!)

6. What is your life's purpose? "Unconditionally" by Extreme

7. What is your motto? "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West

8. What do you think about the most? "Low Rider" by Korn

9. What are you going to do on your next vacation? "What Goes Around" by NAS

10. What do you think of your first love/date? "Oh Boy" by Cam'ron
(Oh boooy ;))

11. What is your life story? "Utha Side" by Nelly

12. What did you do yesterday? "No Matter What" by T.I.

13. What do you think of when you see the person you like/love? "Feel No Shame" by Slipknot
(ummm....that depends)

14. What describes your wedding? "Got Ur Self A Gun" by NAS
(Okay, this is the third NAS song to pop up...I really only have 1 album...and NO, I didn't have a redneck wedding with guns!)

15. What will they play at your funeral? "Revolution Is My Name" by Pantera

16. What is your obsession? "Photograph" by Def Leppard"

17. What is your biggest fear? "Orchids" by Stone Sour
(Actually Orchids are pretty :))

18. What is your biggest secret? "Live My Life (Leave Me Alone)" by Cam'ron

19. What is your biggest turn-on? "Simple Man" by Shinedown
(I guess you could say a "simple man" is a turn on...not the biggest though)

20. How do you describe your friends? "Like My Style" by 50 Cent
(Yes...we rule)

21. What would you do with a million dollars? "Turn My Swag On" by Souljaboy
(Hell yea! SWAG baby...)

22. What is your opinion of sex? "No Panties" by Trina
(Kinda hard to do with them on wouldn't ya say...)

23. What is your biggest regret? "Everything is Everything" by Lauren Hill

24. What would you rather be doing right now? "Momma Said Knock You Out" by LL Cool J
(Don't call it a come back...I've been here for years...)

25. What will you post this list as? "When The Music Stops" by Eminem
(Sounds appropriate)

Funny that the songs that showed up - I dont really listen to that much!

Your turn...show me whats on your iPod...do it as a new post and leave the link in the comments


Melissa said...

Hey I did it on mine. Although don't know how to leave a link.

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