Sunday, August 16, 2009

I hate mother nature

This weekend hubs, brother & I cleared some trees that fell on our property and neighbors property during a storm. How nice of us right?

Bad idea. very. very. bad.

Mother Nature sucks....

All three of us are covered in poison ivy & poison sumac. Covered.

I feel so bad for hubs...he has it between his fingers. Oh and he is allergic so his eyes are now starting to morning they should be swelled shut. On top of that we went to the pool today to help ease the itchiness and he ended up getting sun burnt. Now he is a nice shade of bright pink with shiny blisters and swollen eyes. Hubba Hubba!

We all just showered with TechNu and applied cortisone cream. Now we're gonna tape oven mitts on our hands and watch a movie. Goodnight!

***Update 8/18/2009***

Doc started me on steroids to bring down the swelling and ease the itchiness. Prednisone is the most gag inducing medication I have ever been on. I'm on a tapered dose starting with 6 a day....insert *dry heave* here please.


Anonymous said...

Oh OUCH!!!! That totally sucks! :(

Being Brazen said...

awww, that sucks!!

Heather Nicole said...

@ Sleepjane & Brazen .... sucks would be the right word!

desi said...