Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My what sharp teeth you have!

Has anyone been watching Shark Week?

They are doing a lot of shooting over in the SA waters {Cape Town} which is pretty cool.

{I was thinking of you Francois & Hayley! I also had my eye out for table top mountain! See what I've learned? :-)}

Apparently in the Bahamas they have this water slide that goes through a shark tank. You can actually see the sharks swimming around you. Yeah, I would pee, that is scary. I love sharks, they are so fascinating but I don't think I would ever want to get that up close and personal with them. Well...maybe after a few of those frozen Bahama drinks.

Have you ever gone swimming with the sharks or had an up close and personal experience with one?


LiLu said...

Yes I've been watching! Sharks totally fascinate/creep me out... FROM A DISTANCE.

Hayley said...

And where they shoot that footage is in the bay we used to live on.
Table Mountain....I am impressed Heather....YOU NOW NEED TO VISIT!

On the other side of South Africa in Durban, we have the same thing, a water slide and a pool that has just glass so it feels like you are swimmimg them.

Anonymous said...

Heather I went on that slide that goes through the shark tank!!! It was awesome!! there are actually two slides! THe tube slide is the coolest cause it takes almost a whole min. to get through it. and you just float along watching these huge sharks swim all around you. The body slide is to fast to really see anything but it is really fun! I have pics of it on my facebook you should check it out! your cuz AManda

Heather Nicole said...

@ LiLu - From A Distance - agreed!

@ Hayley - A pool? That is crazy - I would keep thinking "what if this thing breaks!"

@ Amanda - You are nuts. I dont know if I would feel chlosterphobic in a glass tube surrounded by I said...maybe after a few of those drinks! I will def. check out those pics!