Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Congratulations! It's a ?

I have this awesome friend Dana who is (by my sloppy calculation) 6 months pregnant.

wow...that's it? seems like you have been prego forever Dana!!!

The thing is...she doesn't know what sex the baby is. Not by choice though, the little peanut is not showing the goods!

This spawned a conversation between hubs and I...would we find out? Hubs says YES! I say NO!

Would you find out?

Things to consider;

If you find out you can cut all baby name options in half. Its will be easier to decorate a nursery, pick a theme, color and register for baby items. I'm sure it will also help you mentally prepare for what challenges you will face with each sex. Such as your little girl dating or your little boy driving.

All in all I can see why so many people choose to find out but here is my take on keeping it a surprise; As the mother you have to carry around this baby for nine months (that's a long time!). Then there is the labor and at this point you have gone to hell and back...don't you want some kind of surprise at the end of it?
No...not that kind of a surprise...
I mean the overwhelming, heartwarming, lump in your throat, oh my god - I'm a parent of a little baby _______ surprise. One other thing to consider; the baby sleeps in a bassinet in your bedroom for the first few weeks so you have all that time to paint and put the finishing gender touches in your nursery. Also, there are some pretty cute gender neutral baby items out there.
So whats your choice? Do you find out or not?


Certifiable Princess said...

awww...loving this post...i am 29 weeks pregnant (yeah, i don't know where the time is going either) and i still have no idea...i have actually decided that i no longer want to hardly have any surprises in life (at least super awesome ones) so it's worth the wait...i have 4 names picked out (2 for boy and 2 for girl) and am waiting until i meet the little one to decide on one...i will say that gender neutral shopping is no fun at all...when i was pregnant jason i did know ahead of time that it was a "he" that was coming and i got to call him by his name instead of "baby" really will make labor and delivery more exciting :)

Anonymous said...

I think I'd want to know. Purely because I can't even wait to open my presents on my birthday and I alwas bribe everyone to tell me what they got me.

I'm thinking a baby is a bigger deal than birthday presents so I wouldn't be able to help myself.

Heather Nicole said...

@ Dana - I'm glad you changed your mind and are excited about keeping it a surprise! I can't wait to meet "baby"!!!

@sleeyjane - you are the same as my hubby...for him its more exciting to guess his presents than to actually have them be a surprise. Its annoying for the gift giver!!! haha!