Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My baby's growing up

By baby I mean dog of course.
We have been testing Kodi lately to see if he is trust worthy enough to be left alone not crated.
He really had to earn our trust because when he was younger he had some major shitting all over the house issues when we weren't home....AKA...seperation anxiety.
So we started off just for an hour while we went grocery shopping and he was fine. Then we worked our way up to five hours...still no problems. Finally yesterday was the big day...we left him free all day while we were at work.
All three cats are still alive, no pee, no poop and no destruction to the house.
He was so excited when I walked through the door last night like he couldn't wait to tell me how good he was...so I grabbed the camera to take a photo and he smiled for me :D
What a good boy!


sleepyjane said...

Aw! That photo is AWESOME!!

I totally get what you're talking about. It took us a YEAR to get Lila and Rusty completely potty trained aka outside pee-pee. :)

Heather Nicole said...

Thanks Sleepyjane! Today he is crated because he wouldnt poop before we left for work. You should have seen the look on that poor dogs face when he had to go in his pen!