Monday, October 5, 2009

bears, snakes, caterpillars and rocks

I guess the rain rain go away chant worked because it only rained one night of our camping trip. The rest of the days were crisp, cool and beautiful...

(our campsite at Hickory Run State Park, PA)

I didn't see any bears unlike this woman.

And since I had no such luck trying to find one I had to settle on this really ferocious looking Caterpillar...

And this snake...
(the snake is either a black rat snake or eastern water snake - either way the snake is not poisonous)

And who doesn't love a field of freakin rocks?

(That is Boulder Field which was made by a glacier.)

All in all it was a good camping trip - no buggies and lots of good food. And who couldn't relax with a view like this?



desi said...

WOW, its beautiful!!!

WHERE did you go camp? because the Last photo looks almost identical to where my aunt and cousins live!!

did you remember Wet Wipes? haha!


Heather Nicole said...

I went camping in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania - its about two hours north of where I live. This park is called Hickory Run State Park - it was so beautiful!

Hayley said...

stunning photos! wow!

Heather Nicole said...

Thanks Hayley!