Monday, January 11, 2010

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Yesterday I...
  • stayed in my PJ's until 4PM and was back in my PJ's by 8PM
  • had fun hanging out with my brother all day (he stayed the weekend)
  • went to a family gathering at my Aunts house to celebrate January birthday

Today I....

  • am home sick from work and have a doctors appointment at 3:15
  • will read more of The Historian
  • am thankful for a warm house and a doting husband

Tomorrow I....

  • will celebrate my hubbys 29th birthday!
  • finish up plans for my hubbys party on Saturday
  • hopefully be on some meds and back at work

1 comment:

The Darbzilla said...

I miss your blogs, honey. You need to start writing again, it's therapeutic. Take care of yourself because you are TOO AWESOME not to. :)