Saturday, June 21, 2008

Top 10...Things I LOVE about Summer!!!

This one is a re-post from my myspace page. You will probably see more re-posts but that is because they are funny stories that never get old in my book. I also love doing Top 10 lists and this is my most recent one.

Top 10 Things I LOVE about Summer!!!..
1. The smell of fresh honeysuckle
2. Walking into air conditioning after a hot day
3. Cold showers after a hot day
4. Funny tan lines on other people (not me!)
5. Long walks outside when the sun is going down
6. Watching children trying to catch firefly's at night
7. Night swims in a warm pool
8. Good BBQ's with friends & family
9. The feel of soft grass between my toes
10. Spontaneous trips to the beach!

What are some of your favorite things about summer???

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