Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hide your money and buy a gun

Have you ever took the time to read peoples comments at the bottom of an article? For example, I read an article today about a bank (IndyMac) that is in deep doo-doo for writing bad mortgages, so hundreds of people are lining up to withdraw their money...what is left of it. At the bottom of the article is a spot to leave a comment. One commenter said "you should read about the '29 depression, its happening again...go hide your money and buy a gun". (Ha-ha-ha! This cracks me up!) Its comments like this that start a chain reaction...the next comment says that the first commenter is an "idiot" and states his opinion of some guy needing an "enema in his left ear". Another said "its we the people who get screwed in this" and goes on to rant about Bush. Now what does that have to do with these bank customers? Why do people choose to get up on their high horse and argue...on a comment page? I picture a jobless geek sitting at home with his laptop with the doors locked, curtains shut, wearing a stained t-shirt and a drinking day old coffee in a dirty mug spending his whole day waiting for someone to argue his comment. Entertaining...

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