Monday, July 14, 2008


This weekend we picked up the cutest puppy at the pet store. We got a 4 month old Pomeranian puppy. I think he looks like a little black bear, so we named him Kodi (as in Kodiak bear). The funny thing is that I never liked Pom's...I thought they were snippy and mean and barked too much. But Kodi is the opposite. He is so sweet, he gets along well with children and other dogs, big or small. He doesn't bark at people either (unless left alone in his crate...he is still getting used to that). I am so happy because his demeanor is relaxed and happy. He doesn't chase the cats either. We are have him on a, play, outside for potty and then nap. It's working really well, he has had few accidents and the ones he did have were our fault because we should have taken him out sooner. We decided not to punish him when he has an accident but instead reward him when he goes outside (so far so good)!...He loves those treats.

Take a look at the pictures I posted a few days ago...he will melt your heart! You can see why we couldnt pass him up.

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