Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The next few days...

...are going to be tough, I am kid/dog sitting until Sunday. I am actually looking forward to having my brother (13yr) over, but not so much the dog. Although Bella is so cute, I'm afraid she might pee all over my house. My puppy Kodi is just about housebroken so I don't want any setbacks. But we shall see how it goes. Worst case scenario is that the doggies stay in the basement with some pee pads and supervised play time upstairs. Our plans are to take my brother to see The Dark Night in the IMAX. Which I think I am the most excited about. I love Batman, I have watched the movies since I was a child. I love them, except the one with the penguin guy, he's a bit creepy. I just hope my brother isnt bored...our house isnt exactly 'kid friendly'. We do have a lot of video game but thats about it. I think kids are deathly bored when they come over and I have to admit and hate to entertain kids...too much work. This is why I am a DINK for life. (Double Income No Kids) and darn proud of it!

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