Monday, July 21, 2008

Why you should listen to Silvertide

Its no secret that Silvertide is one of my favorite bands...actually Silvertide is my favorite band. Hands down. This weekend my husband & I decided to take a last minute trip to the Crocodile Rock in Allentown to see them. I think this was our 4th or 5th time seeing Silvertide live. And this may have been the best show yet. I'd say there were less than 100 people there so it was very up close and personal. Walt (lead singer) was just walking around hanging out with everyone. Jeff grabbed my hand took me up to meet him. *On a side note, Jeff was so sweet, we sat at the bar together and had some drinks and he bought me a Silvertide T-Shirt. It was like we were on a cute. Anyway, when we were talking to Walt, I completely froze up. I couldn't think of anything to say, but I know I had soo much I wanted to say. I always think of things AFTER! Like, are you going to play anything acoustic off of your Demo album tonight? Or...are you excited to play with Godsmack next week? Ugh, I hate myself sometimes. But Jeff had no problem, they were chatting it up a few times throughout the night. Jeff actually ended up catching a drum stick during the concert and afterwards we had Silvertide sign it and I also got my shirt signed. The best thing about Silvertide is seeing them play live. Walt has so much energy and the vibe is awesome. He comes out into the crowd, gets up on the bar, just goes wild the whole night. You cannot stand still at a Silvertide concert, you just have to move. What a great night...So here are my reasons why you should listen to Silvertide...

  • They have a cool name almost like Clearwater, you just have to like it
  • The whole band is down to earth, chill with the fans type guys. Not your axle rose at all
  • Walt is cute and his wife Amy is even more adorable

  • They are from Philadelphia...holla!

  • Walt has an awesome acoustic album called Demo

  • Its not heavy metal, its not soft rock, its get you out of your chair, pumped up, good 'ol rock 'n roll music
  • You can see them play at local places like Grape Street, Crocodile Rock, The Troc and TLA
  • Their CD Show and Tell is only $9.99 online!!!
  • Why not?

Check out Silvertide here and check out Walt's solo project here

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