Monday, September 8, 2008

Philadelphia off to a great start

Did you catch the game? Of course you did if you live near Phila! The Eagles are off to a fabulous start. What a great game...almost a shutout if it weren't for that darn field goal.

And the Steelers...yeah baby. Now I know I am not supposed to be a fan of them but Big Ben is my QB in FF (Fantasy Football) and he scored me sum points! :)

Oohhh, did you see that poor Brady guy? He is out for the season...that sucks, I generally feel bad. Good thing he wasn't MY FF QB (sorry Melissa)!

(Probably the only reason I am about to win first round against her!)


Francois said...

Hi Heather

I found your blog through one of your comments on SCL (which by the way is my favourite site).
It`s amazing how God works. I have been feeling pretty down on myself lately. So I was scrolling through your blog when I happened upon the 2nd last post on the page, Return of the prodigal son. What an awesome post by one of the most gifted writers I have ever come across. I think God sent me this way to read that post. It has certainly hit the spot.

You have a really cool blog and I`m going to put a link on it on my site, if you don`t mind.

Thanks for playing a part in God`s plan for me.

God bless

Heather Nicole said...
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Francois said...

Thank you so much for the reply, it is much appreciated.

It is a great thrill to have somebody visit ones blog, hey? I always feel like a kid with candy if I see a new visitor!

We (my wife and I) were in the states last year. We spent a few days in NYC and then took the train to Washington DC before heading back to NYC. Both trips took us through Philadelphia. Now I don`t know if you live in Philly or just support the Eagles but that is my Philapdelphia story. Riveting, I know... :-)

We absolutely adore the states and Hayley nags me on a daily basis to
move there.

Jon has such a way with words and his story really inspires me. It`s so good to know that most Christians struggle with what I struggle with. Really does wonders for the soul to know we are all in it together.

Sorry, I`m rambling on!

I look forward to chatting again.

God bless