Thursday, September 25, 2008

Season Premier

Its here...tonight. A one hour season premier of...The Office.


Here is a little season 5 preview, enjoy!


Francois said...

I`m so jealous! We are only a few episodes into the 4th season.

Last night`s episode was the one where Dwight took Ryan to Schrute farm for "sales training". So funny, especially when he said "and for your last task your will wrestle cousin Mose to the ground". I couldn`t stop laughing!

AND when he asked "What scares Michael Scott?" the answer "Nothing scares Michael Scott" and then added "but if you said snakes I would`ve accepted"

Hayley said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous!

Did you watch the Emmy's? How funny were Ricky Gervias and Steve?? Best part of the show!

Heather Nicole said...

I hope my sneak previews dont spoil season 4 for you guys.

Season 4 is a lot shorter then the other seasons because of the writers strike.

Haley - I didnt get to see the Emmys :( Maybe I can youtube that part of the show.

Francois - Dwight is freakin hillarious! Thats a good episode