Friday, September 26, 2008


Good Friday morning blog world.

Please forgive me because I dont think I am going to have time to write a real post today. *sigh* Its only a few days before our month end and fiscal year end here at work. And boy am I working. I am staying late for some OT today so I just dont think I am going to get a breather.

I am looking forward to October 1st. I will be able to use my vacation days and finally get a break from this place.

That reminds me, I'm thinking about writing a post about what excatly I do for a living. But, I'm not really sure what I do myself...

Have a wonderful Friday. God bless.


Hayley said...

Hey Heather, thank you for such a great comment on my blog. I know, I think a lot of people have the same idea about Africa, the animals and little huts, he-he! We think it is very funny :-) We ofen joke about our pet lions and hippo's. But trust me, the bush here is Africa (or safari as the tourists call it), is amazing!!! I still get excited to see the lions and elephants. So they are still here, just not roaming the streets :-)
And there is SO much more than just the bush, trust me :-). It really is a great place, and I am glad I can share some of it with you. Well now you know, if you ever need a place to stay and a tour guide, here we are! We just need to convince your husband, what will it take??

Oh yes, how was the Office???

Francois said...

It`s ok, I`ll introduce your husband to the awesomeness that is Western province rugby! There you go, no need to convince any longer, I just did it... :)

Good luck with all the work, we`ll be thinking about you.

Heather Nicole said...

The Office was awesome...I can't wait for next Thursday! I dont want to spoil anything for you though. It looks like this is going to be the best season yet :)

BTW, it would be pretty freakin awesome if you did have a lion for a pet. my husband would be on the next flight over! :) we heart lions