Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My love affair with music

I want to share with you all my love affair with music. Music has always been apart of my life. I have a huge appreciation for music and not just one genre; all of it. Music has gotten me through very low points in my life and also the best times of my life. Almost every memory of mine involves music of some sort.

I can remember my first concert, I was probably six years old when my Mom, Dad and the church youth group went into Philly to see Michael W. Smith and D.C. Talk. The band was about to come on stage, the lights went down and the arena started going crazy and I started...crying. I was terrified!

Only a few years later my Dad was taking me to my first heavy metal show; White Snake and Guardian. I was no longer terrified like my first time, I felt alive. I kept inching up closer and closer to the stage wanting to see more. Soon enough I found out what a mosh pit was. Still I wasn't terrified, I wanted more. I felt the adrenaline and and I loved it.

I can remember going to Creation. A seven day Christian music and arts festival with my parents and the church. The coolest moment was seeing my favorite band at the time, D.C. Talk come roaring down to the stage...on motorcycles. I was amazed! These moments started to shape who I was.

I learned of Amy Grant and all I wanted was to be just like her. I was that typical 10 year old girl singing "Baby Baby" into her hairbrush. Even my mother fell in love with Amy. She would play "El Shaddai" on the piano while I sang along. Eventually I started playing piano too, although I never practiced enough to be as good as Mom.

One of my greatest memories of music is dancing with my grandfather to Frank Sinatra. I had no idea how to dance, I still can't do it to save my life. But with pop-pop all I had to do was step right up onto his shoes and all of the sudden I was in the 50's on the dance floor with Frank himself.

As I got into my teenage years I started to become depressed. The one constant in my life was music. It got me through the toughest years of my life. It was the one bright spot for me. It gave me a voice to say what I couldn't say aloud.

I even remember an old hymn that got me through the death of my great grandmother. I believe it was called "In the garden". There is a specific line in that hymn. It goes like this; "And he walks with me and he talks with me and he tells me I am his own". This was so meaningful to me. I can just close my eyes and remember my walks with Nana in the garden. And I can just picture Nana walking through the heavenly gardens with god.

There are so many talented musicians and bands out there. Over the years I have gone through many 'favorites'. When I was 21 my favorite was Korn. It's heavy and the music spoke about very personal things to me. Although I don't favor that band anymore, I still feel a certain connection to the lead vocalist Jonathan Davis. I admire him for being able to come out and say what he has said and just put everything out there. At any rate, on my 21st birthday I was getting all dolled up to go out bar hopping with my bf and friend Ryan. When Ryan showed up he gave me my gift. It was a Korn t-shirt. Awesome! Inside my card was 4 tickets to see Korn play in Baltimore, MD that night. F*#$ing Awesome! That was the first of three Korn concerts.

Gosh, How lucky am I? I have probably been to 50 or more concerts in my 24 years. I have seen everything from Metallica to REO Speedwagon. I have kissed to Etta James, I have toked to Bob Marley, I have cried to Josh Groban, I have jumped in the pit to Machine Head, I have danced on my grandfathers shoes to Frank Sinatra, I sang along to Amy Grant and screamed along with Rage Against the Machine. I have praised to Third Day, I have boogied to the Sugar Hill Gang and drank to AC/DC.

I am truly blessed to have music in my life.


Francois said...

Great post Heather! We definitely share the love of music.

It is like a soundtrack to your life.

Heather Nicole said...

Thanks Francois - it is the soundtrack to my life. I have so many more memories I wanted to share but my post was getting too long.