Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Recap

- Go Eagles!

- I think the Giants should stop playing with guns and start playing football. (I’m just saying, that’s all)

- I took little puppy to get groomed and then for a picture on Santa’s lap. It’s kind of embarrassing when your dog is the only one doing back flips in line to see Santa.

- We had our weekly gathering with our neighbors for drinks and games. I am proud to say that us girls finally won a game! Actually…TWO games. Take that boys

- I all but finished Christmas shopping. This is a huge weight of my shoulders but I’m also a little sad because I just love to shop for other people.

- I got in to see my wonderful hair dresser on Sunday. I’m now ready for the paparazzi.

- We hosted a wonderful dinner with Nan and Pop on Saturday night. We had Angel hair pasta with gravy and sausage. Yummy! They brought us a cake from Italy which I am dying to try.

- We ended the weekend with a some pizza, comedy and an early bed time…perfect!


Hayley said...

Still laughing at the only dog doing back flips to see Santa....

David Richardson said...

Angel hair pasta with gravy and sausage sounds GREAT to me. Wow!!

Heather Nicole said...

Hi Hayley - it was quite a scene! Santa was so smitten with him :)

Hi David - It was great! Leftovers were even better