Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

Today is hubs 28th birthday! I keep teasing him that he is almost 30! I can still do that because I am 5 years younger :) Not for long, but I have to get it in while I can.

We celebrated his birthday on Saturday and it was so much fun! I did end up kicking him out of the house (twice) because he was working on my last nerve. Its like...I'm doing this for YOU and your pestering me while I'm trying to cook and clean! So I had him run errands for me. He came back around 6:30 and the house was all set for his first surprise.

Drum roll please....

A poker party!

Yes, I know, I am the best wife. Thank you everybody!

I found a poker table top for $10 at a thrift store and when I got it home and unwrapped was brand new {score!} So I had that set up for a game of Texas Hold 'Em with a small $5 buy in. I decorated the house in red, blue, black and green colors and with poker chips and playing cards. The cake said Happy Birthday Jeff with the same colors and a pair of cards in each corner.

The guests arrived at 7:00 despite the snow storm that fell upon us that night. As my gf said "snow never kept a true Pennsylvanian down!" And she was right, we had a full house of family and friends.

We had wonderful food (that I almost ran out of!) lots of beer and a great football game on too. And it just so happened that hubs won the game of Texas Hold 'Em! It was a great night for him The night ended around midnight and we were both exhausted to say the least.

And his gift from me?

Well it all relates to the theme of the party...A nights stay at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City for a fun night of gambling AND, tickets to see one of our favorite rock bands at the House of Blues inside the casino.

I'd say he made out pretty well.

Although I didn't think to take one picture...I can tell you it was a fabulous night!


Hayley said...

No photos! Oh no!

Sounds like he is one lucky guy!
Well done!

David Richardson said...

What a cool birthday idea! I've never heard of that before, but I like it.

I'll bet he was one happy dude.

Heather Nicole said...

Hayley - I cannot believe that I did that! I was just too involved with the guests and the game!

David - It was cool, I just kinda made it up. I'm sure its been done before tho. We had a blast with it!

Simply-Mel said...

It shows just how cool the party was that you DIDNT take any pics! Sounds like an awesome time! Shucks I didnt realise what spring chickens you okes are! Good grief!!!

Heather Nicole said...

Hey Mel, least I AM a spring chicken...I dunno about hubby anymore ;)