Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Addiction

Hubs and I are two very competitive people. We enjoy playing games together and with our friends; board games, card games, sports and even video games. Recently we have been absolutely hooked on Monopoly for the Wii.

Its so much better than Monopoly the board game. You shake the Wii-mote to roll the die and you actually raise it above your head to bid on a property. The game allows you to set the rules and you can also play against the computer. There are several boards to unlock such as the candy board, future board, world board and jungle board. The best part is; the game doesn't take four hours to play. So I can beat the pants off everyone much faster than before.

You may have seen this post in reference to the game. But since that night things have taken a turn for the worse. Saturday night we played until 2:30 in the morning(basically until I won...then we went to bed)! And every night since then. Neither of us can stand to loose. We aren't sore losers...we just like to win. It has gotten so bad that hubs actually had a monopoly dream! LOL...the next morning we swore of monopoly for a bit. But the temptation got to us last night...we played...twice. Ah well, it keeps us out of trouble at least!

So are you a monopoly lover or hater? or cheater ; )


Hayley said...

ooooooh, WE HAVE IT TO GET IT NOW!!!!!!

David Richardson said...

Doggone, this inspires me. We just got a Wii for the kids at Christmas. Sounds like I need to go out, buy this game, and start kicking some butt down here in South Carolina!! :)

That's cool to hear about you and the husband doing that together. If more couples played together, I'm convinced marriages would be better. Keep it up girl.

Enjoyed this post.

Heather Nicole said...

Hi Hayley! I am warning you...its addicting!

Hi David! I tried telling myself that after I lost tonight...I'm doing this for my

The Running Golfer said...

I`m with Hayley and David, I want this game and I want it NOW!