Monday, January 5, 2009


Well, we made it through the first Monday of 2009. Hooray! I have a lot to look forward to this coming month. Starting with hubs is getting his tattoo finished tomorrow (yay!). And lets not forget the Metallica and Machine Head concert in 11 days!!!

So this Saturday I am throwing hubs a birthday party for his 28th. I am so excited for this. I have been planning this for a while. Unfortunately I cannot give out any details yet. That might lead to the downfall of the whole surprise. So I just have to keep it bottled up for 4 more days!

While planning for this party and making the guest list I started to think of family. When I think of the word family, the first thing that comes to my mind is blessed. I am so blessed to have them, I love them so much. My husband included in that. He just fits right in, like he was meant to be. I love that. I love seeing my Dad and husband talk about tools and cars, ya know...all the manly things. And I love seeing him and my brothers goof around. It is a wonderful thing.

Sometimes its hard to understand other peoples family and their family dynamic. Including the family you married into. It's very confusing ... and sometimes strage, but it makes me all the more grateful for my semi-normal loving family...


Hayley said...

Well done on getting through your first Monday :-)
Good luck with the party planning, dying to hear how it all goes.

Hayley said...

Okay just left a comment, but I am not sure it went through...if it didnt...just wanted to say good luck with the planning, canot wait to hear about the party.

The Running Golfer said...

This is so Hayley, she even comments twice, can you imagine how much she speaks at home?


Very cool, you surely are blessed to have such awesome people around you. Good luck with the party, cannot wait to hear how it turned out!