Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share this little letter that I wrote for my family's advent service that we have every Christmas Eve. It is about my tradition in my family. I hope you enjoy...even though its a little past Christmas.

Also, if you have been away from the blogeshpere for the holidays, I would recommend checking out some of my posts that you may have missed. There are some photos, videos and funny things.

I am off to my mothers house for our traditional pork, sauerkraut and mashed potato dinner. I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Years Eve.

With warm regards,

Tradition in my family is going to candlelit Church service on Christmas Eve and celebrating the miracle of Jesus’ birth

It is going to Grammy and pop-pop’s house for presents

Tradition in my family is getting cozy in our pajamas and gathering around Pop-Pop to hear him read “Twas the Night before Christmas”.

It is the smell of spiced apples and cinnamon on the stove and it is stuffing our bellies full of delicious Christmas cookies.

It is fighting Uncle Tom for the last few shrimp cocktail and trying to avoid Grammy’s carrot soup.

Tradition in my family is our advent service and lighting a candle on the Wreath.
It is going through 12 ½ boxes of tissues….each

Tradition in our family is reluctantly getting Aunt Pat to play the piano so we all can sing Christmas Carols in not-so-perfect harmony.

It is hearing the children’s sweet little voices sing and watching their faces light up while opening gifts

Tradition is my family is my Dads yearly kiss for Grammy and dancing with Pop-Pop to Bing and Frank.

Tradition in my family is praying for the less fortunate and counting our family’s blessings.

It is enjoying our time together and reminiscing on times past

Tradition in my family is our beliefs passed down.

It is what sets us apart and makes us special and it is what we look forward to year after year.

But the best thing about tradition is being able to start new ones.


David Richardson said...

Nicely done, my friend. I enjoyed this. :)

Being Brazen said...

Happy New Year!

I agree - the best thing about traditions is being able to start new ones.