Saturday, January 24, 2009


Tag, I'm it!

The tag works like this:

1. Navigate to where you keep your pictures, select the 6th folder, and the 6th picture in that folder.
2. Then post it on your blog with an explanation of the story behind the picture
3. Tag 6 other people to do the same, and make sure you let them know about it.

Here it is!!!

I know very classy and ladylike of me right?

This picture was taken in Camden New Jersey at Mayhem Fest this past summer. Hubs and I were sitting on the picnic benches waiting for some friends to meet up with us. Meanwhile we started snapping goofy photos of each other. Yeah, we're mature like that...

So now I am going to tag six people - hopefully your pictures aren't so embarrassing!
  1. Karen
  2. David
  3. Melissa
  4. Aunt Linda
  5. Kevin
  6. Open...if you are reading this and want to participate, tag yourself and leave a comment to let me know!

Thanks to The Running Golfer for tagging me!


The Running Golfer said...

HA HA!!! Awesome pic!

Heather Nicole said...

haha, Thanks :) Of course it had to be an embarassing one!

Being Brazen said...

great pic - very fun and goofy :)

Kevin Davis said...

Very classy in deed and now I know what you meant by 'tagged' - will do.

David Richardson said...

Great picture, Heather! I dig it. :)