Friday, March 13, 2009

everything happens for a reason

I know you have heard the saying - everything happens for a reason. Well that rings so true for me today. Unfortunately hubs got laid off work. is only a temporary two week layoff. The downside is that hubs drew the shortest straw and he goes first starting Monday. Hopefully his turn will not come again.

After hearing this news I opened up our finances to re-evaluate. As it turns out, I made a double car payment in January and didn't know it! So we have no car payment due until next month. All this time since January we have been tight on money and saving as much as we could and this we didn't even need to! But I'm so glad I did because now in a time of layoffs we can get by!

Praise God!!!


Being Brazen said...

So sorry to hear that - BUT you are so right everything happens for a reason and according to Gods plan.

Great that you paid a double car payment.

Keep positive :)

Heather Nicole said...

Thank you Brazen :)

Melissa said...

So sorry that Jeff get laid off temporarily. But, look God knew what He was doing. Thanks to that double car payment, you guys will do just fine. He always provides, doesn't He? Love you guys!

David Richardson said...

Very sorry to hear this. Best wishes for a great job opening soon for him!

Heather Nicole said...

@ Melissa - He does provide! Thanks girl.

@ David - Thankfully he still has his job, its a temporary two week layoff that all techs are taking. Thanks for the best wishes!