Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 5 SBDiet - Weigh In

Happy Friday! This morning I weighed in and my results? ... 2.5 lbs lost! I cannot believe it! I know 2.5 lbs. is not a lot but after struggling to with weight these past few years, I never thought it would happen. So really 2.5 lbs. is A LOT.

Growing up I was always skinny and fit without trying. I had long legs and dressed to show it off! But as soon as I got into my twenties my body changed drastically. I got my "woman's body" and the change really threw me off, I gained a large amount of weight.

I guess I'm just mad at myself for waiting so long to really do something about it. Now that I'm seeing a small amount of progress I feel like I can really go a long way and get my body back! I am going to meet with the trainer at my gym to come up with an exercise program that works with the diet I'm on.

Here are some more things I've noticed about the SBDiet
  • I'm getting really sick of eggs - scrambled every morning for breakfast and hard boiled everyday for a more eggs please!
  • The diet is costly! Our grocery bill - two people - one week - on the SBDiet cost $113. I guess this is because we are cutting out all the cheap food like pasta, potatoes and bread!
  • I really miss fruit.
  • Even though you are encouraged to eat until your satisfied, I always feel hungry after my meals.
  • I really look forward to getting on the scale each morning. I literally spring out of bed and dash to the bathroom! Its like Christmas morning :)
  • I feel I have a better attitude and more sass!

And a great thanks to you for reading my blog. This is all new to me and I writing it out really helps. So thanks for being supportive and sticking with me while I blog about it!

- Heather


David Richardson said...

Hey Heather!

Best wishes on the weight loss campaign. You can do it!


Heather Nicole said...

Thank you David...I know I can!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!! Amanda