Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day Three

Today has been a hard day. It's only day three of the diet. Although I have not cheated...I have been tempted. Damn you skittles and Hershey kisses...damn you chocolate chip cookies!!!

Last night Hubs and I were watching Everybody Loves Raymond on TV and Ray was eating a bowl of Captain Crunch. Immediately hubs and I looked at each other, salivated and said mmmm that looks soooo good! The funny part is - neither of us even like Captain Crunch cereal!

Totally unrelated to the diet - I was asked to work on a special project at work, to pretty much take something over and come up with ways to improve or add to it. I was so happy to be asked to do this because I am really really pushing for a promotion right now. My goal was to have the promotion by March. I don't know if that's going to happen with the economy right now but that's not stopping me. Anyway, I handed in a my presentation of my ideas this morning. I am so anxious to get some feedback! All morning until lunch the managers were in a meeting so I didn't hear anything. Its now 3:30 and still no word...its driving me nuts! Gimme something people!!!

Ahh, okay. I'm going to settle down and think about the yummy salad that's at home waiting for me.


Being Brazen said...

I hate diets they always make me soooo hungry...and I start craving things i wouldnt even crave usually

Heather Nicole said...

Hi Brazen! Today I craved PB&J - I don’t LIKE PB&J! lol...but I must persevere!
Thanks for stopping by :)