Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm trying it. I figure why not, the exercising and slim fast bars just aren't cutting it. I haven't gained any but I haven't lost too much either. For those who don't know; the SBD is a no carb/no sugar diet, for two weeks straight. After the third week you can add in small amounts of whole wheat grains. And you just follow it through until you have reached the desired amount of weight loss. Most people loose between 8 to 13 pounds very quickly.

So it's day two of my SBD and here is what I have to say about it so far;
  • You have to be very creative when it comes to meal planning. In order to prep for the diet hubs and I either ate or threw away all pastas, breads and fruits in the house
  • Grocery shopping is challenging. Don't even think about walking down the snack isle...there is nothing there that you can eat.
  • If you buy the SBD bars - make sure you read them...you aren't supposed to eat them until week 3. Oops!
  • I like the fact that there is no calorie counting and that you are encourage to eat until you are satisfied.
  • The diet is forcing me to try new meal combinations & food that I haven't tired before.
  • Last night I had second helpings of carrots. {wow. never thought I'd say that!}
  • It's making me very thirsty!!!! I have drank about 5 glasses of water so far today!

Have you tried the SBD before? What are your thoughts, did you like it or not? Did you loose weight and how much?


Melissa said...

Hey.. I think my family tried it once. I don't know what to say about it cuz we didn't stay on it for very long. But I do remember one thing that was really good. If you ever want a healthy substitue for dessert.. try ricota cheese and cocoa powder. It's pretty good. Some people like it. Some don't. Good luck with the diet. Hope you reach your goal. I'm trying to lose weight too. I've gained way too much weight and it's time I got my self-esteem back. We can do it!

Anonymous said...

all I have to say is ewww hahaha Amanda

David Richardson said...

Best wishes with this!

I've been told this is a good way to go.

You can do it, Heather. :)

Heather Nicole said...

@ Melissa - I think I would like Ricotta Cheese & Coca powder...almost like Tiramasu :) If you ever would like to come to PF with me just gimme a call, I can take 1 guest everytime I go. Thanks!

@ Amanda - I take it you didnt like the SBD? :)

@ David - Thank you for your encouragement! I've heard lots of good things about it so far

mom said...

I couldn't get past the no fruit rule. I love fruit!!!! I have faith that you can do this.


Heather Nicole said...

@ Mom - Thank you! I agree, the fruit part has to be the worse!