Monday, March 2, 2009

Kodi versus Parka

Happy Monday! It is snowing like crazy here. Its snowing so hard and its so windy that it looks like its snowing upwards! Not sure how much we'll end up with but it may be around 6" or more.

So anyway, on Saturday we had a little bonfire out back & I was getting Kodi all bundled up to go outside {he just got groomed so he doesn't have much hair} and when I turned around Kodi was attacking his parka! I grabbed my will have to turn your speakers way up to hear him, its too cute!

Kodi won.

Me and Kodi Saturday night after the bonfire

Kodi after getting groomed on Thursday
If I get brave I will venture out and take some purtty photos of the snow!...


David Richardson said...

Kodi sure is cute!

Thanks for posting the pictures, Heather.

Stay warm, and have a great day. :)

Kevin Davis said...

He is cute :)

Melissa said...

he has such a cute little puppy bark! "Hey mommy, I was playing with that..." Pets do the cutest things right? Gotta love em!

Heather Nicole said...

@ David, Kevin & Melissa -

Kodi says Thank You! :)